Selwyn & Christchurch

The Arrivals Lounge

Alongside our coffee groups that have become our village and support system during this new journey into parenthood, there is now follow-on postnatal support available with Birth & More.

Once your antenatal course is finished, you will be invited to join us in The Arrivals Lounge. From here you can access free follow-on support at our fortnightly postnatal group where you will get a chance to put all that theory into practice with your new tiny human.

Visit at any time, including antenatally, so you can meet up with your classmates and others who are going through the same or later stages, get reassurance that it’s ok to find parenting hard, and most importantly get good support with those early breastfeeding challenges that could turn it all around for you.

There will be support available and informal discussions around whatever you need, and will probably include:

  • breastfeeding latching & positioning
  • the reality of being a parent
  • sleep
  • postnatal wellness for everyone
  • normal infant behaviour
  • those next stages as they come along

This is all FREE and is included in the cost of your antenatal course.