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Midwifery Council Approved Continuing Education & Professional Activities Hours

Sadly, as of 31st December 2023, there is no longer a requirement for any provider of educational hours to be accredited. See here for more information 


Book now for up to 6 hours of breastfeeding-related education provided by a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Available New Zealand-wide via Zoom, and in Canterbury as a part of your practice meetings. I offer plenty of flexibility so don’t worry if life or work disrupts your plans to join us on the day. 

Suitable for all health professionals and health workers who support pregnant and breastfeeding families, including:

  • Childbirth Educators & Students
  • Midwives & Students (LMC & Core)
  • Doulas
  • Obstetricians/GPs/Nurses
  • Well Child Nurses and Health Care Workers

Three workshops are available covering a range of topics that have themes leading on from each other. There is a focus on improving skills used in practice; important conversations, identifying challenges, latching and positioning, and implementing plans to support breastfeeding journeys. They can be completed in any order.

Free Zoom Workshops

Midwifery Council allocated 2 hours of Continuing Education covering:

  • Breast Anatomy and Function: breast development & anatomical structures
  • The Establishment of a Milk Supply: Lactogenesis & the impact of pregnancy, labour and birth
  • The Mechanics of Feeding: Infant oral anatomy, reflexes & positioning
  • Understanding what Effective Breastfeeding Looks Like: Input versus output, infant behaviours & the impact of pregnancy, labour and birth

2023 Zoom Workshops 

  • UB4 Wednesday, 22nd November 1830-2100

Midwifery Council allocated 2 hours of Continuing Education covering:

  • Correct use of Breastfeeding Tools: theory of and use of nipple shields, paced bottle feeding rationale & props for breastfeeding
  • The Unenthused Feeder: infant wellness, expectations versus ability & feeding plans
  • Protection of the Milk Supply: maternal wellness, managing breastfeeding goals & the promotion of and protection of supply

2023 Zoom Workshops 

  • SB4 Wednesday, 29th November 1830-2100

Midwifery Council allocated 2 hours of Professional Activities covering:

  • Breast Inflammation: changes in treatment for engorgement, blocked ducts, mastitis & blebs
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: manifestation and symptoms, menstruation and its impact on lactation, monitoring milk supply & supporting the dyad postnatally
  • Maternal Diet and Breastfeeding: digestion and milk synthesis, intolerances versus allergies, influences on diet & supporting breastfeeding dyads with restricted diets

2023 Zoom Workshops 

  • BCS4 Wednesday, 6th December 1830-2100



Additional information

Attendance certificates are provided alongside the Powerpoint presentation for your reference.

A booking confirmation and Zoom link will be sent automatically from 

Group or Practice Workshops

First-Year Graduate Midwife custom-made workshops can be run in-person or via Zoom for a group of colleagues wishing to refresh their knowledge or improve their clinical skills.

Options are also available for Second and Third Year Midwife trainee groups.

Flexible content options are available for non-midwifery-based groups. Please phone/text anytime to discuss.

Midwifery Council allocated 2-4 hours of Continuing Education and 2 hours of Professional Activities available from these Workshops:

  • Understanding Breastfeeding
  • Supporting Breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding Case Studies

Please see the individual Zoom Workshops above for content information. Custom-made content is also available.

Times and venues to suit. 

Flexible content options are available for non-midwifery-based practices. Please phone/text anytime to discuss.

Prices for 2023

  • $160 per hour for in-person groups. Minimum of 4 persons
  • Price negotiable after 2 hours and for larger groups   
  • Mileage/venue costs may apply for in-person Workshops
  • Invoices provided

Additional information

If wishing to book a Group or Practice Workshop, please have a single contact person make the booking, and instructions will be provided to complete the process. Alternatively, please phone/text anytime to discuss.

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