Selwyn & Christchurch


Home visit appointments are available 7 days a week* from 10am to 7pm in the Selwyn and Christchurch areas.

Full support in all areas of infant feeding provided, including, but not limited to:

  • Nipple pain & damage
  • Latching difficulties
  • Milk supply questions
  • Infant behaviour
  • Blocked ducts & mastitis
  • Weight gain concerns
  • Returning to work
  • Weaning
  • Expressing
  • Multiple infants/tandem feeding
  • Intolerances/allergies
  • Breast reduction & augmentation
  • Relactation & induced/adoptive lactation


$100 Initial Consultation – home visit of 1 hour includes:

  • Relevant maternal and infant history taken
  • Full feeding assessment
  • A written summary and care plan to assist you with your feeding goals
  • Telephone support for one week

$50 Follow Up Consultation – home visit of 30 minutes includes:

  • Care plan evaluation and adjustment as required
  • Telephone support for one week

Additional information

  • Extended consultation time charged at $25 per 30 minutes or part thereof
  • *Weekend consultations attract a surcharge of $50
  • Mileage surcharge of $20 may apply
  • Payment to be made the day following the appointment
  • Reduced rates available for Community Services cardholders

All appointments can be made under Bookings

Antenatal courses are 6 classes long and are run over 6-weeks unless otherwise noted.

The aim of these classes is to generate discussions as a couple or family and to continue them with your LMC to explore the options that will work for your own unique situation.

One whole night is dedicated to breastfeeding, and another whole night to Baby Wrangling, where you will have some hands-on practice with my highly qualified stunt babies learning about how to care for your own baby.  There is a good dose of humour thrown in there to help get you through it all, time to get to know your classmates, and most importantly, supper!

Topics include:

  • Late pregnancy
  • Labour and birth
  • Pain relief options
  • Assisted births
  • Breastfeeding
  • Baby Wrangling 101
  • Postnatal wellness
  • Early parenting strategies

Antenatal course dates can be found under Bookings

This class is for everyone, not just new parents.  Maybe you had some challenges with breastfeeding a previous baby and just want to gain some confidence and be better supported to breastfeed a new baby. All women and their husbands/partners/support people are encouraged to learn about what to expect when breastfeeding.

You will be joining an antenatal course group on their fourth night to learn the same content that is delivered in their class.     

Topics include:

  • Breast anatomy
  • How breasts make milk
  • The first week and beyond
  • The feed cycle
  • Latching on to feed – what your baby can do
  • Busting the myths
  • Where to get support

To book, please use the antenatal course booking form under Bookings and let me know the course that has the best night for you to join us in, or you can email, text, or call me.