Selwyn & Christchurch

About Me

I’m Claire. I have been a part of the Selwyn District since 2005 and have enjoyed bringing antenatal education to my own community and the South West of Christchurch for many years.

Following the arrival of my own children, I became a Diploma Qualified Childbirth Educator in 2009 and have facilitated antenatal classes at Parents Centre, Lincoln Maternity Hospital, and now as a self-employed educator in Halswell, Lincoln, Prebbleton, and Rolleston. I pride myself on continuing to operate with the same integrity that was required to work at the Maternity Hospital where there was no place for personal bias, influence by marketing, or information that was not backed by evidence.

On 1st January 2021, I qualified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) or Lactation Consultant as we are usually known, although anyone can use this shortened title with no qualification behind it. My registration number is  L-302651 (Claire Coates). The IBCLC bit is really important as it denotes the rigorous qualification process that I have been through and sets the guidelines and boundaries of how I practice. You can check my qualification here IBLCE 

As an IBCLC, I support families with all methods of infant feeding and help them understand what normal infant behaviour looks like – this includes sleeping and development. 

While studying to become an IBCLC I also gained a Diploma in Science & Technology through the health papers I completed. If you are interested in my journey please check out my Blog on this website.

And, I am also a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter. I have been supporting families in their postnatal journeys since 2016, primarily in the first eight weeks from birth and through the big developmental changes that take place in the first year. 

Estimated number of hours providing feeding/postnatal support from 2016 to June 2023, in all roles = 2000+ hours. 

I enjoy sharing information that will help parents to find their own way. We forget that babies are tiny humans and are designed to survive. Your babies think you are perfect and you are all that they want and need, but this doesn’t mean the journey will always be easy. Hopefully, after spending some time hanging out with me, you will have saved yourself some money, feel a little more confident, and know that you are going to do just fine. And, I am still here to support you afterward in many ways, including fortnightly at The Arrivals Lounge in your FREE postnatal group for those who have finished their antenatal classes with me.