Selwyn & Christchurch


Antenatal Courses – Prebbleton $180 per couple/family

Planning for 2025 taking place now. There will be an EDD March course available in January. 

Cost includes an invitation to The Arrivals Lounge for FREE postnatal breastfeeding support and education once your course has finished and/or when baby has arrived.

Aim to start your course around 28 weeks of pregnancy and/or allow 3-4 weeks between the final night and your due date. It is definitely ok to start your course earlier and the EDD guide is flexible. Please get in touch if a course is full or has already started so we can work something out. Facilitated by a Diploma qualified Childbirth Educator. 

Breastfeeding Classes – Halswell $30pp or Zoom $25 per family

First baby, or first time breastfeeding, or the last time you breastfed was long ago? Facilitated by an IBCLC Lactation Consultant. Suitable anytime during pregnancy.

Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Appointments

Home visit appointments are available 7 days a week in the Selwyn District and Christchurch by arrangement (please get in touch by ph/text) or at selected times via the Booking button. For services provided, please check here. 

Antenatal Courses & Breastfeeding Classes

  • P45 Wednesdays 15/05 to 19/06 EDD August Waiting for their babies in The Arrivals Lounge
  • P46 Mondays 01/07 to 05/08 EDD September 3 spaces left 
  • P47 Wednesdays 24/07 to 28/08 EDD October 6 spaces left 
  • P48 Mondays 19/08 to 30/09 EDD November (Gap week – no class 02/09) 1 space left 
  • P49 Wednesdays 25/09 to 30/10 EDD December 9 spaces left
  • P50 Mondays 04/11 to 09/12 EDD Jan 2025 8 spaces left
  • P51 Wednesdays 13/11 to 18/12 EDD Feb 2025 9 spaces left
  • BF21 – 12th July
  • BF22 – 09th August
  • BF23 – 13th September
  • BF24 – 11th October
  • BF25 – 08th November
  • BF26 – 13th December

This breastfeeding class is interactive and is facilitated by an IBCLC Lactation Consultant. 

  • Tuesday, July 30th
  • Thursday, September 26th
  • Tuesday, November 26th


PREBBLETON Antenatal Courses:

All Saints Church – Tosswill Lounge

9 Blakes Road

HALSWELL Breastfeeding Classes:

Halswell Village Midwives’ Rooms

399 Halswell Road


Antenatal courses: $180 per couple/family 

Breastfeeding Classes: $30 per person 

Zoom Breastfeeding Classes: $25 per family 

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