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Price Drop!!

I know families are feeling the pinch and costs may not ease much over the next 18 months for many. To help out in a modest way I have been able to lower the price of my antenatal courses back to the 2023 price of $150 for the rest of the year and also 2025! As always, please get in touch if payment would cause any hardship so we can work something out.

Anyone currently booked in from P46 onwards will be contacted so I can arrange a refund of the difference. For courses prior to this who paid the 2024 price of $180, please get in touch for a refund if you wish xx 

Hi there, and congratulations!

Your baby will arrive with all the skills and support you need surrounding you, and then the next stage of your journey into parenthood begins. Antenatal classes are just the theory part of this journey and this is where we make a difference by being there for the practical part; contributing to your success in the days, weeks, and months after your baby is born.

Antenatal Courses – Prebbleton **$150** Price drop! Back to the 2023 price!

What’s included in your antenatal course with me?

  • Classes run by a Diploma Qualified Childbirth Educator (since 2009) and IBCLC Lactation Consultant 
  • Neutral evidence-based information without the gimmicks, goodie bags, and shiny things
  • Half of the course covers caring for your baby and yourselves after giving birth
  • A two-hour breastfeeding class that will prepare you for success and the reality of breastfeeding
  • Access to The Arrivals Lounge postnatal group that includes FREE IBCLC Lactation Consultant support
  • Payment options available and full refunds made at anytime – no questions asked

See our Course Overview and book here.

Antenatal Breastfeeding Classes – Halswell & Zoom: Please see Bookings

Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) appointments: Available in the Selwyn District and Christchurch. Support for all aspects of lactation. Please see Services and book here.

Health Professional Breastfeeding Education Workshops: Education for all who support pregnant and breastfeeding families and whanau, plus Midwifery Council Hours for recertification. Please check here.

Students: All are welcome to observe antenatal courses – please text me.

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– Claire

Prebbleton antenatal courses and breastfeeding classes in Halswell. All are handy to the southwest side of Christchurch and to the Selwyn District, with a quick trip down the motorway from Rolleston or via the back roads for families in Lincoln, West Melton, Tai Tapu and surrounds. Plenty of courses to choose from to match your due date and the flexibility to catch up if you miss a night!