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Antenatal Classes

These classes are 6 sessions long and are run over 3 or 6 weeks at different times of the year.  This enables more classes to be added in during the busy season! 

There will be plenty of information provided to help you make decisions, while also getting to know others in the group. Includes a tour of the birthing suites and facilities at Lincoln Maternity Hospital, and one whole session is dedicated to how to look after a baby!

Topics include:

  • Late pregnancy
  • Birth place options
  • Labour and birth
  • Pain relief options
  • Breastfeeding
  • Baby Wrangling 101

Antenatal Class Dates:

Sorry, there are no classes available at present.

All women and partners and support people are encourage to learn about what to expect when breastfeeding a baby.

Topics include:

  • Breast anatomy
  • How breasts make milk
  • The first week and beyond
  • The feed cycle
  • Latching – what does the baby do?
  • Benefits
  • Support for mothers

This is a roll up your sleeves, hands-on opportunity to learn how to look after your baby with the help of a professional stunt baby . 

Topics include:   

  • Bathing and baby massage  
  • Nappy changing
  • Breastfeeding and burping
  • Safe sleeping
  • Bedding and settling
  • Clothing
  • Playing

Perfect for women who have already given birth before and have a new partner or are new to the area.  May suit women choosing VBAC, or maybe it was just a long time ago since your last birth.

Topics include:  

  • Birth place options
  • Pain relief options
  • Labour and birth
  • Family dynamics

Both Christchurch Woman’s Hospital and St Georges have breastfeeding classes.  Your LMC may also have access to parenting classes that you can attend at no cost, so please ask them.